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Bridal Package: $250*

Includes a personalized consultation and trial makeup session, false lashes and full-face application. Additional applications the day of the event such as Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaid or lucky Bystander will receive a $50 discount, making them $100 each instead of $150

Regular Full Face Service: $150*

Exactly as it sounds, a one time application service perfect for Prom or a Photo shoot. Includes false lashes if desired as well as any sort of beauty makeup, ranging from soft and natural to extremely dramatic

Special FX Service: $150-$250*

Special FX makeup is my true passion, it demands such creativity and imagination I cannot resist it! It takes an average of three to five hours and typically requires more expensive materials, hence the range in price. If you are interested in this service please email me your ideas so we can discuss possibilities and price

Makeup Lessons: $200-$400*

The perfect service for the individual wanting to spruce up their makeup routine, or for those desiring a one on one training. Individual lessons are $200, however group lessons can be scheduled for $400. Individual lessons includes two hours of one on one training along with a thorough consultation to ensure desired results are met. Group events will include two to three hours of group training, including a demonstration and then personal consultations throughout the lesson. 



*There will be a travel fee of $0.69 per mile for any given service. A hotel fee may apply for Weddings of a certain distance.


My services come with a no tipping policy, If you enjoyed your time with me and want to thank me, I would love it if you took one of my cards and passed it on to family and friends!