Stephanie Holmlund, Colorado Based Artist and Licensed Esthetician


To me everything is art. Always has been. It began with crayons and pens, I can remember doodling on everything from coloring books to table legs (My mother loved that one).

In time I advanced to pencils and paint, eagerly buying canvases and painting multiple artworks, sometimes all in one day on the quest to become the best I could be. In college, my limited space robbed me of the ability to paint like a mad Van Gogh in my cell of a room. I quickly found a new medium that not only inspired me, but allowed me to become my own masterpiece everyday – cosmetics.

Whether desiring to be a fifties domestic goddess, a frivolous flapper or a plethora of Comic characters, makeup created the ideal passage to whatever version of myself I desired to be.

I approach each of my clients in the same manner; each is my personal masterpiece, a beautiful work of art that I sculpt through passion and curiosity. No matter what we create together, a stunning bride, terrifying villain or the ordinary beautiful you, it will simply be the version of yourself you choose to show that day.



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Insured through ASCP